Mission statement

At M&A Projects Inc, we cultivate an environment that aims to surpass expectations. In 2004, Bogdan Malinowski founded the company and established a culture that prioritizes reliability, efficiency, and the maximization of productivity. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver construction services to our customers at a fair price and timely manner. Our growth over the course of the last 16 years stems from our commitment to our clients’ needs and desires, which we attribute to the eclectic team of experts we have trained. Our personnel are our greatest asset, with extra attention to safety, integrity, accountability, and quality. With collaboration and innovation being of utmost importance, we have tailored our associates to be agile in recognizing obstacles and exploring new and better methods to creating resolutions that allow us to take pride in the quality of our work.

M&A Leadership

Bogdan Malinowski
Bogdan Malinowski is the CEO and Founder of M&A Projects Inc. Upon recognizing the potential in a full-service exterior Envelope Contractor, he began to build his team with the sole purpose of providing clients with knowledgeable professionals who carry extensive experience in exterior trades. Today, Bogdan Malinowski continues to be hands on and his involvement in every project brings about the assurance that every project’s details and design intent are met or exceeded, while falling within the designated budget and deadlines. Having immigrated to the United States, Malinowski knows first hand that there is absolutely no substitute for hard work, and no room to neglect detail and through his impeccable leadership he continues to instill these values firm with, through leading by example.
Damian Rojewski
Damian plays a vital Role in M&A Projects. Damian has led some of the most complicated and intricate projects, making sure deadlines and budgets are met. Mr. Rojewski also oversees the company’s logistics, manpower and Safety Programs. Ensuring projects are propelled in a safe and efficient manner with little to no down time. Mr. Rojewski’s passion for the building industry is second to none, this is easily recognizable through his unwavering belief that hard work and perseverance can accomplish even the most monumental task.
Martin Kulesza
Mr. Kulesza holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from City University of New York, Baruch College. Working closely with clients and the estimating department, Martin can be seen helping his team identify and resolve unique challenges that arise when building in New York. Martin’s attention to detail and knowledge of project constructability is the keystone to the success he and his team have had and continue to have with each new project.